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Your premier outdoor shed dealer in Massachusetts, building quality all-purpose storage and garden sheds

High Quality Storage and Garden Sheds

Durability, stability, longevity, and a guarantee all come standard with DECKS Plus quality sheds.

We take pride in the quality of every shed we sell and install. Our sheds are built to endure the harsh weather of New England, and our detailed craftsmanship ensures that you will will receive a beautiful, fully functional shed that will last over 20 years with very minimal upkeep. Designed with quality and durability in mind, you can be sure that this is an investment that will pay off every year. Our dedication to service and quality mean that it is a guarantee we will stand by.

Although cutting corners on construction or on using quality lumber may save slightly in initial cost, it severely cuts into and decreases longevity and durability over the years. To help better understand how your shed can stay in top notch shape for many years, it is important to understand the different construction techniques that are used.

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